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Meet Our Donors

Donors to The Laurel Lake Foundation are a dedicated, inspiring group of people who really want to make a difference at Laurel Lake. Many become members of the Living Legacy Society and Laurel Benefactors, leading the way in helping the Foundation enrich the lives of residents, families members and staff - spiritually, emotionally and physically. Here, we spotlight a few of their stories. 

Dick and Jane Whitehead

dick and jane whitehead 

Dick and Jane Whitehead came to Laurel Lake from Brecksville three years ago. Enjoying all that Laurel Lake has to offer, they are members of the Garden Committee and Jane volunteers in the Colony Shop and the Garage Sale. Dick also tends to a plot in the Veggie Garden.

Both enjoy attending the Keys to a Sharper Mind Distance Learning sessions and Through the Eyes of the Artist programs associated with The Laurel Lake Foundation. 

In 2012, Dick and Jane made a Charitable Gift Annuity to The Laurel Lake Foundation as a part of managing their philanthropic giving plans.  Understanding that a Charitable Gift Annuity benefits both the annuitant and charitable organization, they knew that this was the best option for them to help perpetuate Foundation-funded campus enrichment projects, while at the same time providing quarterly interest payments as greater financial security for themselves. 

Jane explains, “As Laurel Lake residents, we both felt that it was the right thing to do.”

All charitable gift annuitants, like Dick and Jane, are inducted into the Living Legacy Society and celebrate the important work of the Foundation at the Annual Recognition Dinner.

Sally Daviessally davies

A Hudson resident for 52 years, Sally Davies came to Laurel Lake in 2004. At last count, Sally is a member of 22 different committees between Laurel Lake and the greater Hudson community. Here at Laurel Lake, Sally enjoys her time on the Marketing and Volunteer Committees.  She is Chair of the Off Campus Studies Program and the Welcoming Committee, and organizes the New Resident Orientation Program.  She also loves serving as a Deacon for her church.

Sally regularly participates in programs made possible by The Laurel Lake Foundation.  She attends the Keys to a Sharper Mind Distance Learning session - a program that got its start with help from the Reinberger Foundation and The Laurel Lake Foundation. Sally was a resident member of the Seniors and Youth in Philanthropy (SAYPIP) program, a collaborative effort between the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, Seton School and The Laurel Lake Foundation. She also attends the Brown Bag Lunch educational series, also sponsored by The Laurel Lake Foundation.

Sally knows that her gifts when combined with those of others can make a big difference through the Foundation. She was surprised to learn that the donations she regularly gives - in response to annual campaigns, or as tribute to special people who touched her life, or to remember those that have passed on - accumulated quickly, making her a member of the Laurel Benefactors.    

Sally explains that she grew up in a family that strongly believes in volunteerism. On the door of her refrigerator is a Bible verse: “To whom much is given, much is required.” These ideas inspire her to support The Laurel Lake Foundation and motivate everything she does.  “As long as I’m capable of being philanthropic, why shouldn’t I be?”

All who support The Laurel Lake Foundation with cumulative gifts, like Sally, are eligible to become Laurel Benefactors. Laurel Benefactors are inducted each year at the Annual Recognition Dinner and celebrate the many projects and programs made possible by the Foundation through the combined gifts of all donors.

Bob and Susan Conrad

bob and susan conrad

Bob and Susan Conrad moved to Laurel Lake from Virginia in Spring 2012. Prior to moving to Hudson, Bob and Susan thoroughly enjoyed their experiences as they travelled abroad together throughout their careers with the U.S. Department of State.

Now that they have settled at Laurel Lake, Bob and Susan are delighted to have more time to spend with family. They have joined groups in the community and at Laurel Lake, including the Flower Brigade and Encore Chorale, which, by the way, has received funding from The Laurel Lake Foundation for music and uses the new grand piano made possible through the Foundation. Bob is also a member of the Veterans Committee and Saturday golf, while Susan serves on the Volunteer Committee, TLC Committee and Serenity Singers.

The Conrads support The Laurel Lake Foundation because they are inspired by the variety and creativity of the projects and programs it funds. In particular, they note that a program like Second Wind Dreams is a wonderful way to give happiness and honor to the residents of Laurel Lake, as does the new Tranquility Courtyard project now being developed for Crown Center.

The pair also appreciate the Staff Education Program, which shows positive and thoughtful support for our youth. The benefits are incalculable for the future of the Laurel Lake staff, the community and our country.

Bob and Susan know that, by making a Will Commitment to The Laurel Lake Foundation, they can continue their legacy of support beyond their annual and special gifts. It’s another way to help perpetuate future enrichment of Laurel Lake Retirement Community.

“For some time, our major effort has been to give to others in thanks for the blessings we’ve received in our lifetime," say the Conrads. "Since we are now residents, we placed The Laurel Lake Foundation on our Will Beneficiary list to perpetuate the quality of life we are currently experiencing.”

All donors, like Bob and Susan, with documented Will Bequests naming The Laurel Lake Foundation as a beneficiary, are inducted into our Living Legacy Society and celebrate the preservation of Laurel Lake through the good works of the Foundation at our Annual Recognition Dinner.