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Finding the community that matches your personal retirement goals is vital. We'd be glad to answer any questions you may have, in order to help you make an informed decision that’s right for you. Call 1-866-650-2100 to speak with one of our Retirement Counselors today. 

What advantages does laurel lake have that other LIFE PLAN COMMUNITIES (or ccrcs) may not?
People tell us Laurel Lake has key advantages that are important to them. Chief among these are a beautifully private 150-acre campus with lakes, forests and a wonderful diversity of wildlife; a highly desirable location in Hudson, Ohio; friendly people who share numerous interests; convenient access to the world-class medical and cultural centers of Cleveland and Akron; spacious, attractive homes with a flexible approach to customization; and most importantly, Type A "Extensive" Life Care, an unlimited and secure form of prepaid long-term care coverage.
What is a life plan community (or Continuing Care Retirement Community)?
Life Plan Communities (formerly known as continuing care retirement communities or CCRCs) such as Laurel Lake provide the optimum plan to meet your top priorities for a successful lifestyle after the age of 62. Life Plan Communities (or LPCs) enable you to live in a comfortable apartment or villa, with the security of future personal health care services assured in return for a monthly fee and, in most cases, an entrance fee. They have on-site accommodations for assisted living, Alzheimer’s/memory care and skilled nursing for residents whose health needs may change. Because care is provided on campus, residents do not have to leave the community but can stay close to spouses and friends.
What is Life Care?

This is one of the most misunderstood terms in senior housing today. Life Care means more than just allowing residents to continue living in a community even if they outlive their resources. It goes beyond providing a healthy, active environment that promotes longevity, even though this is an underlying principle of most Life Plan Communities.

A true Life Care community offers a responsible approach to retirement planning that lets individuals secure a comfortable home and positive lifestyle, while at the same time safeguarding their assets through a plan designed to limit long-term healthcare costs.

Type A "Extensive" Life Care. Laurel Lake offers Type A "Extensive" Life Care, the most comprehensive residency plan available. With the payment of an initial entrance fee and monthly service fees, Laurel Lake residents with Type A plans need not worry about the potentially devastating effects of a long-term nursing home stay on their finances. Their contract assures them unlimited days in the community’s assisted living or skilled nursing facilities, at little extra cost.

Type B "Modified" Fee-for-Service Plan. Laurel Lake also offers a Type B "Modified" Fee-for-Service plan, with lower entrance and monthly fees. This option is often attractive to those who may already have long-term care insurance policies.

Pre-residency Life Care.  An innovative option for adults age 55-70, Laurel Lake's Pre-residency Life Care Program offers members a comprehensive package of assisted living, rehabilitation and long-term care services at Laurel Lake, available whenever needed before moving to Laurel Lake, at discounted per-diem rates. Members are guaranteed Type A Life Care coverage if they move in before age 75. Their Pre-residency Life Care membership fee will be applied to their entrance fee upon move-in.

When was Laurel Lake established?
Laurel Lake was the dream of Cleveland businessman Richard Eastburn, who wanted to bring to Northeast Ohio the same quality of life his parents enjoyed in a Philadelphia Life Care community. A 150-acre site in Hudson, Ohio was selected as the ideal location for the community. Laurel Lake welcomed its first resident in 1989. Today, Laurel Lake has established a reputation as one of Ohio's finest retirement living choices. Over 1000 people live, work, visit and recreate on our campus daily.
Who owns and manages Laurel Lake?

Laurel Lake Retirement Community is an independent, not-for-profit Life Plan Community. Incorporated in 1985 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, Laurel Lake is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of distinguished Northeast Ohio professionals and Laurel Lake resident representatives. The Chief Executive Officer and Leadership Team are responsible for day-to-day management of the community. Together, the Laurel Lake Board and Leadership Team guide and direct the growth of our organization.

As a not-for-profit corporation, monies are directed back into the Laurel Lake community for campus improvements and service enhancements - or used to support vital community benefit programs in our region.

Does Laurel Lake have a Mission Statement?

Laurel Lake strives to be the community of choice for adults who aspire to lead lives filled with meaning, purpose, and lifelong opportunities for growth and service.

Together, we commit to demonstrating these values:

Compassion – Our commitment to help others in a spirit of caring, kindness, and understanding.

Respect – Our commitment to accept all persons, treating each individual with dignity and consideration.

Excellence – Our ommitment to strive for the highest quality of service, maintaining integrity in the stewardship of our resources.

Service – Our commitment to work individually and collectively to meet the needs of others.

Is Laurel Lake a not-for-profit organization?
Yes. Laurel Lake is a mission-driven organization that devotes its resources toward innovative and quality care for residents. Not-for-profit retirement communities have a rich history of serving the nation's older adults, often with innovative approaches to managing the care of the people they serve. As a not-for-profit organization, Laurel Lake is committed to operating with transparency and provides detailed information about our organization and finances to the public.
What amenities does Laurel Lake offer?
Laurel Lake embodies all that is good about retirement community living. For a complete list of Laurel Lake services and amenities, click here.
What healthcare services are available?

Laurel Lake was designed to help residents achieve their wellness goals and meet a wide variety of healthcare needs right on campus. Our healthcare services meet the highest standards and are among the most extensive found in any senior living campus.

Wellness and Preventive Care Services. Exercise classes, strength and cardiovascular training; seminars on nutrition, exercise and other health-related issues; and routine primary and preventive care services.

Medical Services. On-site Wellness Center open 7 days a week during specified hours, offering medical, podiatric, audiology and counseling services by appointment; Dental Office open several days a month for routine dental care; Vision Center open several days a month providing optometry services; Therapy Center with full array of therapy services. Residents are free to engage the services of physicians of their choice.

Emergency Services. Laurel Lake's entire 150 acre campus is covered by a state-of-the-art wireless digital emergency call system.

Assisted Living. Help with activities of daily living can be provided both by Caring Hands personal in-home caregivers, and by staff in our Greenwood assisted living neighborhood.

Rehab & Skilled Nursing Services. Provided to residents on a 24-hour basis by qualified, licensed and certified professionals in Laurel Lake’s 75-bed skilled nursing and rehab pavilion, The Crown Center.

Memory Supportive Care.  Memory supportive care is provided in Greenwood Suites and The Crown Center.

What kinds of homes are available at Laurel Lake?
Laurel Lake offers multiple apartment and villa styles, ranging from 750 to over 1900 square feet, and villas ranging in size from 1600 to over 2900 square feet. Refer to the Home Style Portfolio for a sampling of Laurel Lake home sizes, styles and features.
May I customize my home to suit my preferences?
Yes. Residents enjoy furnishing and decorating their apartments and villas to reflect individual tastes. Laurel Lake offers a beautiful selection of standard and optional finishes, including hardwood and tile floors, crown molding, custom cabinetry, granite and solid surface countertops, and more. Interior spaces can sometimes be modified and some homes can also be enlarged.
What residency plans are available?
Laurel Lake's entrance fee residency plans offer refund options including standard declining balance and 50% refunds. Call 300-650-2100 to request the most current residency plan descriptions.
How do I know if I can afford Laurel Lake?
Your retirement counselor will review specific financial data with you prior to application, using practical Cost of Living & Financial Analysis tools to provide a clear picture of your current and future financial eligibility.
Do you accept Medicare?
Laurel Lake is a licensed Medicare provider.
Does Laurel Lake have a waiting list?
Yes, Laurel Lake has a growing Wait List of depositors who are waiting for specific types of accommodation to become available. Depositors are called in order of their date of deposit as accommodations become available. Contact us for current wait times and deposit information.
What is included in the monthly fee?
The monthly fee entitles Laurel Lake residents to an extensive array of services, programs and amenities.
Are any of the fees considered tax deductible as a medical expense?
Yes. A portion of your entrance fee and monthly fee is recognized as a pre-paid health care expense and is deductible as a medical expense. Please consult with your tax or financial advisor on this matter.
Do you have someone to help me plan my move?
Laurel Lake offers the complementary services of a Move Coordinator who will guide you through the moving process and help prepare your new home. Laurel Lake can also recommend home organization and moving specialists who can be engaged at an hourly rate to handle anything from small organization projects to entire moves, relieving you of stress.
Does Laurel Lake allow pets?
Absolutely. Cats are welcome in all residences, and dogs are permitted in first floor apartments and villas with easy access to the out-of-doors. Other small pets are also welcome.
Is Laurel Lake a smoke-free campus?
Yes. In order to promote the wellbeing of all people living, visiting and working in our community, Laurel Lake is a "smoke free" campus. 
What is the age requirement?
For couples, or for friends or family who will share a residence, at least one person must be 62 to apply for residency. The minimum age to be covered by Life Care is 62.
What kinds of activities does Laurel Lake have?
Laurel Lake offers a satisfying diversity of active lifestyle programs and events for residents to enjoy, fulfilling their desire to remain intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually active. Most remarkable are our Lifelong Learning continuing education programs, designed to promote optimal brain health for the rest of your life.
Do you provide transportation?
Laurel Lake buses provide transportation for regularly scheduled weekly/monthly courtesy trips and special events like the symphony, theater and regional attractions. For a fee, residents may also engage the services of a Laurel Lake driver using one of our fleet vehicles for personal trips.
Does Laurel Lake have an emergency call system?
Our entire 150-acre campus is covered by a wireless digital emergency call system. Laurel Lake maintains round-the-clock security and nursing staffing.
Do residents have any voice in the community?
One of Laurel Lake’s greatest advantages is the extent to which residents get involved, both on and off campus. All residents are voting members of Laurel Lake’s Resident Association. The Association sponsors numerous committees influencing all aspects of life at Laurel Lake, from dining to health care to marketing and finance. Its executive body, the Resident Council, is an active, integral part of the community and interacts with management on nearly every facet of campus life. Residents representatives are elected to serve as full voting members of the Laurel Lake Board of Directors; currently, they comprise 1/3 of the board membership. Volunteerism flourishes here, with a team of 250+ volunteers providing over 100 unique services at Laurel Lake, and in the greater community.
How do I become a resident?

All individuals are welcome to apply for Laurel Lake residency, without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or any other characteristic protected by law. We operate in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Applicants have three options from which to choose when making application:

    1. Unit Assignment. Accepting an apartment or villa that is currently available.
    2. Wait List.  Apply for the Wait List if planning to move within the next 1-5 years, or if you desire a Laurel Lake home style that is in high demand.
    3. Pre-residency Life Care. Join if between the ages of 55-70, and planning to move to Laurel Lake before age 75.

For more information, please call 330-650-2100 today.

What is the next step if I’d like to know more?
If you have not already done so, plan a visit soon. Tour our community, sample our cuisine, meet the residents and find out if Laurel Lake is the community to meet your personal lifestyle and retirement goals. Call 330-650-2100 to schedule an appointment today.